What Reviewers Say

It's a massager but, turn it upside-down & the ingenious shape makes it work on the spot where a woman's most sensitive
The Good Sex Guide, Channel 4
This will get an Orgasm out of a stone
Bizarre magazine
It really works. What fun
Cosmopolitan magazine
Lie back and enjoy the intamacy
GQ magazine
Level-1 gives a mild soothing massage, level-2 is very intensive... & level-3 was mind-blowing for both of us
UK Living: Satellite TV
No oriental novelty, it's great , the shape didn't keep us mystified for long! It hits the spot!
OK! Magazine.
Everyone should have a hobby...
MF Earls Court
We've waited long enough, at last, someone makes a proper one!
JC Cardiff.
It's wonderful ... now we both get fulfilled
GM. Kings Langley.
Life is so much sweeter when I have something to help me deal with stress
SM Watford.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but we're both much happier since we have both been able to reach sexual satisfaction together
GR Leicester.
This one won't gather dust in the bedside cabinet.
CT Manchester.
I couldn't, but now I can!
LA Watford.
This unique shape, delivered with a gentle touch, produces the most highly erotic sensations ever! - so you can go on and on and on...
K.F. Orpington.
We tested other toys and there's no comparison.
H.A. Leeds
DIY for women!
TH Houghton Regis.
Unlock the mechanism & smash through the barrier.
GH Glasgow.