We'll be serious for a moment. The Omax ethic.

We don't want to appear to evangelise, in our own small way we want to be part of the push to put the family back on the agenda. We've created a product to get people to communicate. The family is at the heart of our society and we worry that these values are being lost. Vital to any family is the communication between husband & wife. We're convinced that successful sex is an important part of this.

In today's world we're deeply concerned that we're might all be gaining the world & losing our children.

We say to our critics 
Distasteful or not, we're talking about things that should be talked about - at Omax we've created a business to promote communication between people.

The nature of our business means that many customers call or write to us. We bring people together & it doesn't matter how you do this, as long as you do. Succeed or fail, we try. Most times, our customers tell us, we succeed.

And that makes us feel very good.

We like you to enjoy the fruits of our efforts, you don't have to buy our product to enjoy this site. Our intention was never to offend.

A last thought
Men & women are not equal, not better, not worse, they're different... We celebrate those qualities that make men & women so different. We must see a contribution from both. Vive la difference!


The Girls and Boys at Omax.