How It Works

This forehead-smacking design, like the best ideas is simple.

At its heart there's a huge motor. Your Omax gives grunt and intensity to pound your hand holding it. Whisper to whoopee, the secret of this power is a head large enough to accommodate its huge motor. Where only too much power is enough, this unique mix of power and shape puts all intensity on the spot. We guarantee, you WILL Max with your Omax, or your Money back.

Power like this must come from somewhere. Once you've got your head around this fact, the cutaway shows how the unique Omax shape grants space for power man-enough to sustain its huge motor. When only too much power is enough, it’s real trick is a shape-space-combination that matches power-pack and motor to sustain intensity when and where you want it most. This match was patented in 1993 and is why no other product gets near it.